New Zealand Hit By Earthquake Of 7.4 Magnitudes Today, Civil Defense Alert Of Two Meters High Tsunami (PHOTO + VIDEO)

Civil Defense in New Zealand today warned of the danger of a tsunami on the east coast of the South Island after an earthquake of 7.4 magnitudes hit his largest city, Christchurch.


New Zealand newspaper “NZ Herald” reported that, according to eyewitnesses, there was a tsunami of two meters in the town of Kaikoura.
Civil Defense advises residents on the east coast of the South Island to evacuate to higher ground, and some residents near Wellington did this.
Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key, on Twitter, said he hopes that all people are safe after the earthquake and Civil Defence estimates the damage.


New Zealand newspaper also reported that hundreds of people went down to the streets of the capital Wellington, that somewhere still feel further shocks, heard sirens, and some people cry.
“The whole house was moving like a snake, some things were broken and run out electricity,” said one of the residents of Takaki, a city that is almost on top of the South Island.
As Reuter’s transfer, according to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake engulfed 91 kilometers from that part of the largest city on the South Island.

Christchurch was hit by an earthquake in February 2011 that killed 185 people.