Are Populists Suddenly Starting To Lose Power? It Will Be A Really Interesting Race To Watch

We can say for sure that the past 11 months were real game-changers in social and political aspect. It is true that it gets a lot tougher to understand the words ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ precisely, especially when there comes to varieties of views and meanings of these words in different continents.

For example in Austria, the “far right” was terribly defeated just two days ago. This leads us to believe that the so-called ‘populism’ isn’t a winning formula everywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, in Italy, the Prime Minister promised resign if a referendum on constitutional reform was defeated at the polls. Unfortunately for him, the vote did not go as he expected.  This development is indeed a “blow to the European Union,” and while not quite the game-changer that Brexit was in the UK, it is still bad news for the globalists:

Renzi’s resignation could open the door to early elections next year and to the possibility of an anti-euro party, the opposition 5-Star Movement, gaining power in the heart of the single currency. 5-Star campaigned hard for a ‘No’ vote.

Opinion polls show Renzi’s Democratic Party (PD) is neck-and-neck with the 5-Star, which has called for a referendum on Italy’s membership of the euro currency. (…)

The 5-star movement has gain more power and willingness to succeed the Democratic Party, especially after seeing Brexit in UK and Trump for presiden in US. This country is very important part for the EU so the next elections will be a true drama to watch.

 The same goes for Germany. As we all know migrant-loving Angela Merkel took a huge boo from the wide population since she opened the borders for a whole society of migrants.

So, one thing is sure. The next 2  years will be a real drama to watch.